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Live an NBA game

Activity: NBA game Price: 100-200 USD

Excitement and spectacle in basketball cathedral; warming up, the national anthem, the presentation of the teams, the breaks, everything is pure spectacle!

NBA game

What is the NBA?

The NBA is the National Basketball Association, a private professional basketball league played in the United States since 1,946. Being private, it does not depend on the American Basketball Federation.

After World War II, a group of sports venue owners from different cities gathered at Madison Square Garden to look for alternatives to hockey and boxing that filled those venues, concluding that basketball would be ideal for achieving their goals while offering new entertainment to the American population.  And they had a lot of eyes. They had just learned what eventually became one of the most famous and followed sports leagues in the world.

Where to watch an NBA game in New York?

Well, better place than Madison Square Garden for a good basketball game as part of a trip to New York, where the idea of the NBA was conceived. It is located in Manhattan, at the crossroads of Seventh and Eighth Avenues.

It is the fourth construction with that same name, the first two were located in Madison Square, hence its name.

At Madison Square Garden, the professional teams of the New York Knicks and New York Liberty (basketball and women's basketball respectively) and also the New York Rangers (ice hockey) are local.

In addition to sport, MSG accommodates any type of event that brings a large number of people, from boxing matches, political conventions, religious events and above all, music. Numerous musicians and bands have passed through it from Elvis Presley to Lady Gaga, to Shakira, Led Zeppelin, Michael Jackson and Queen. This makes it clear that Madison Square Garden is the ideal place for any show in a big way, and an NBA game has a show and a lot.

NBA history

It was at the end of World War II that a group of men, owners of various sports venues in different American cities gathered in New York in order to look for alternatives to fill those pavilions with more than just boxing and ice hockey, both sports attracted a lot of audiences, but could not fill the capacity. Thinking of something totally different that would be able to complete the calendar and offer new entertainment saw in basketball the ideal event to meet all your expectations and meet all your needs. On June 6, 1,946, the birth of the Basketball Association of America (BAA) was signed and later renamed nba (National Basketball Association).

Before the NBA there were other professional basketball leagues in the country, but this was the first league to try to play mainly in large pavilions in major cities. In 1,950 the NBA placed in favor of integration with the addition of early African-American players to the league. It is currently made up of players from many different races, backgrounds and cultures, with 80% of African-American players. This addition allowed the game's features to change, becoming more outgoing, faster and faster, resulting in very eye-catching and eye-catching movements.

Despite its growth, in 1,967 it was threatened due to the formation of a new league, the ABA (American Basketball Association), entering both competitions in a bidding war for the talent of new players. This league duel lasted 9 years; finally, in 1,976 the leagues established an agreement in which four teams moved from the ABA to the NBA, thus increasing their number of franchises to 22, winning the game and causing its dissolution. Some of the most characteristic details of this league were the tricolor game ball (blue, red and white, the national colors), the throwing of triples or the contest of mates, the latter designed to confront the NBA in terms of spectacle. All of these peculiarities were subsequently adopted by the NBA, although the game ball remains the orange standard, a tricolor is used in the All-Star Game triple contest, where the kill contest is also played.

From here the NBA's golden age began, the signing of superstars and the growing number of teams allowed for a greater expansion process causing greater interest in the league. At the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, you could see the best team in basketball history, the "Dream Team" of the United States that had NBA players for the first time. In this decade the NBA began hosting players from other countries.

In 1996, on the occasion of its 50th anniversary, the NBA created a women's league, the WNBA. The New York team was named New York Liberty after its most famous statue.

Since 2004, the NBA has made up of 30 franchises and continues to develop as one of the world's leading sports leagues. The NBA is currently televised in 42 languages in 212 nations around the world.

What are we going to do in an NBA game?

Enjoy. An NBA game of either the season (October to April) or the playoffs (April and May, the final is played in June) at Madison Square Garden is cinnamon on the branch. If we arrive in time we can also enjoy the warm-up of both teams.

Attending an NBA game means much more than attending a sporting event and can be one of the best experiences of your trip to New York. It's a full-time show, and like every well-prepared show, it has a script; the national anthem, which Americans live with a lot of respect and pride, the presentation! of the players, a lot of animation and finally the game begins

During the breaks and the dead times of the match the party does not decay: cheerleaders, contests, cannons that throw team jerseys... and cameras focusing on the audience: dance cam, kiss cam, if it's your turn, make it Give a lot of play and people have a lot of fun, plus the best thing to! enjoy the game is to get into the atmosphere.

Why go to an NBA game in New York?

Travelling nourishes us in many ways, we know new places, we taste different flavors, the smells and sounds are different. When we travel we live or try to live the way the society that inhabits the cities or countries we visit lives. We do culturally everyday things for them, but totally new to us.

Going to an NBA game during a trip to New York means immersing yourself in New York daily life, it's not just a game, it's not just a puppy, it's not just a stadium, it's not just a city. It's just that it's the NBA, it's Madison Square Garden, it's new York. It's just that everything is spectacular: the place and the game, the people and the atmosphere. So much so, it doesn't matter if you're not a basketball lover, because you're going to love this experience.


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