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Stroll down Wall Street

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Known as the financial heart of the planet, Wall Street holds historical, architectural, sculptural and spiritual treasures among its streets.

Wall Street

What is Wall Street

Wall Street is one of New York's most famous streets, considered for decades to be the heart of the world's financial district, home to the New York Stock Exchange and the area around which major banks are located. Strolling down Wall Street and admiring the buildings that make up it and the frantic activity of the executives who frequent it, is another charm of New York City. Of course, it is an active scheduled on our trips to New York with guide.

Where's Wall Street

Wall Street is located in lower Manhattan, between Broadway and the East River. Many come looking forward to finding a great avenue and nothing further from reality: Wall Street is a street just under 500 meters.

Wall Street story

The name Wall Street evokes what in the 17th century was the northern boundary of New Amsterdam, where Dutch settlers built a wall of wood and mud to defend themselves against a possible attack by the Lenape Indians or New England settlers. The wall was demolished by the English in 1,699, but the name of the street still remembers it.

In the late 19th century New York's business culture made the area the center of skyscraper construction. In fact, from the late 19th century to the early 19th century, Wall Street had the tallest buildings in the United States, rivaling only Chicago. But if there is a landmark building that marked the legend of this street as a financial center, it was the bank that rose in 1,914 at number 23 Wall Street, called "the House of Morgan" whose headquarters were for decades the most important direction in American finance.  In September 1,920 a bomb exploded in front of it, killing 40 people and leaving more than 300 wounds. The FBI closed the case in 1,940 without finding the perpetrators.

After the crack of '29, an even darker era began on Wall Street, which gradually lost importance as a global financial center in favor of other squares. This gradual decline could be stopped by the opening of the World Trade Center that relaunched the area as a global financial center, although at first much of the space was vacated, some large and strong firms made their place of work in the World Trade Center, attracting after-the-start to other companies.

With the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers on September 11, 2,001, the decline was once again appreciated in Wall Street business, due to the relocation in New Jersey of many of the firms headquartered in the financial district, that relocation was permanent in the case of several companies.

The new World Trade Center community. is in development. New projects emerged from the rubble of the attacks, allowing the area to be relaunched and its former splendour reclaimed. Its centerpiece is the One World Center, a 541-meter skyscraper that has the same name as the North Tower. It was completed in 2,014.

Wall Street reflects as few streets the evolution experienced by New York through its constructions: the skyscrapers of the 1930s coexist with classic-style buildings and with others of neo-Gothic cut.

What we're going to do on Wall Street

Wall Street is much more than the Stock Exchange and the Bull, although both they're all emblematic. In its streets coexist architectures of different eras in singular harmony; immense skyscrapers, cathedrals of capitalism, rise among some churches almost as old as the city itself. With our trips to New York you will discover very interesting places and stories, but in the meantime we tell you some of its stops and a little of those stories here:

  • The Charging Bull, symbol of the New York Financial District, has a very particular history. Its sculptor, the Italian-American Arturo di Modica, installed it in 1,989 without permission in front of the New York Stock Exchange, in an act of "artistic vandalism". Faced with good reception from New Yorkers, the city council decided to move it to Bowling Green Park, New York's oldest small public park. Nearly 20 years later, one morning of 2,017, another artistic act, but this time not vandalic, but promoted by a financial company on Wall Street, surprised New York City with another sculpture, a Fearless Girl in front of the bull, in the face of the disguto de di Modica who removed heaven and earth to remove the sympathetic sculpture and place it elsewhere; the fearless girl was eventually moved (without any enthusiasm, as the citizenry was delighted with the sculptural ensemble) in front of the New York stock exchange, just where the bull was originally placed. The ramming bull is one of the places most visited by tourists, as it has become customary to touch the horns and other parts of the body to have good economy and return to New York. It weighs more than three tons.

  • Memorial and Museum 11S, at the foot of the One World Center is the memorial in memory of those who died in the September 11, 2,001 attacks. These are 2 large semi-underground waterfalls over the place occupied by the twin towers, they have the exact perimeter of them; on the side panels you can see the names of the people who perished in them. Under the waterfalls is the museum where photos of the victims and objects that were in the midst of the attacks are displayed, as well as videos recorded at the time of the terrorist attack. The memorial stands out more than for its aesthetic or architectural value, for the strong emotional impression it causes in visitors, being possibly one of the places that greatest respect and gathering inspire throughout New York City. The museum is open all year round except September 11, when commemoration events are held annually.

  • Federal Hall National Memorial was the country's first capitol, in which he took the oath of office as first president of the United States George Washington in the late 18th century. It was later a customs office and also part of the U.S. Treasury Department. It currently houses a George Washington Memorial Museum. It is open all year round and free admission.

  • Federal Reserve Bank of New York, is one of the most powerful banks on the planet. It has a vault at 26 meters below sea level, in which it holds approximately 5,000 tons of gold. It is located at 33 Liberty Street.

  • Trinity Church, one of the oldest churches in the neo-Gothic-style city, located in the Wall Street's crossing with Broadway. It was once the tallest building in New York. Today his old cemetery continues to function.

  • Saint Paul, another of New York's most historic churches, located at 209 Broadway Street, is the oldest religious building on the Big Apple. Also very symbolic as it withstood the attacks of 9/11, becoming a field hospital and shelter during the work of de-amazement. This temple took the oath mass as President of George Washington.

  • The New York Stock Exchange, located on 11 Wall Street, classically looking was built in the early 12th century, becoming the world's leading stock exchange. The stock exchange as an organization was created in 1,792, a group of brokers formed a committee called the New york Stock and Exchange Board in order to control the flow of shares, which was freely traded and on the Wall Street sidewalk.

Why visit Wall Street?

Wall Street is a must-see on a trip to New York, for its architectural richness, for its history and its stories, for what it represents. And also because we will be able to experiment on site, which has been shown so many times by cinema: that hasty atmosphere, that hustle and bustle of executives in coat, suit and tie, coffee in hand on the way to an office in the heights. But yes, we do want to appreciate all the madness of Wall Street wolves, we have to go during business hours from Monday to Friday.


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