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What to do
in New York

Easter 2023 in New York

We give you a lot of plans so you can savor spring in New York

Spring in New York blooms with an overwhelming number of events and activities. Parades, concerts, markets, exhibitions and various commemorations, make the Big Apple a hive of plans. Write down everything you want to do and don't miss a thing!

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Spring 2023 Weather in New York

The weather in spring in New York is somewhat cooler than what we are used to in Spain. The average from March to May ranges from lows of 1.8 degrees to highs of 21.6. In addition, there are more than 10 days of rain per month and even in March we can still find some snowfall.

What to wear in spring 2023 in New York

We must be clear that New York in spring is a cool city. The temperatures are very variable and we can find from very cold days in March to almost summer days in May. With this in mind, we recommend that you take the following:

  • Thermal underwear (you may one day have to pull it).
  • Undershirts, short sleeves, long sleeves and sweaters.
  • Warm pants. The corduroy of a lifetime are a safe bet; if you prefer jeans, you will thank us for having thrown the thermal underwear.
  • A good coat. It is recommended that it be waterproof. In addition, if you are very cold, make sure it has a good insulation.
  • Closed and waterproof footwear. We took two pairs. At least one of them warm and waterproof. In this way, we change as the time of day is presented. Something lighter if the day is good and another pair more warm and forceful if there is rain or cold.
  • Thin and thick socks.
  • Raincoat.

As we always tell you, the best trick for clothes is to dress in layers. If you carry a backpack you can go putting or taking out clothes as you need, also when you enter a closed place it is very likely that the temperature is inversely proportional to that of the outside and that inside you can stay frozen or sweat to seas.

We are so sure of the recommendations we offer you because our guide always travels with you. That means he has lived the experience firsthand and knows what it takes during the spring in New York.

What to see and do in spring 2023 in New York

As spring progresses the temperatures soften and there begins to be a myriad of activities to do. Everyone wants to enjoy the events, parades and flea markets that are offered throughout the city during the spring in New York.

Consequently Take a good eye on all the ones we have selected for you and write down the ones you don't want to miss.

Ice skating

During the spring in New York we can still enjoy ice skating. The Bryant Park track closes in early March, but the Rockefeller track holds until April. Who hasn't dreamed of ice skating in midtown Manhattan? We remind you that the Bryant Park track is the only free one in the city.

Patinaje sobre hielo

Food and antique markets

With the arrival of good weather, from April to October, two markets are held in Brooklyn that have gained great fame in the recent history of New York.

The Smorgasburg Flea Market is a mainly food market. On Saturdays we can find it in the East River State Park, in the Williamsburg neighborhood, where we will have more than 100 different food stalls to choose from. The food is very varied, from the classic hamburger with potatoes to Indian or Brazilian food. On Sundays it is also held, but with fewer stalls and fewer people, in Prospect Park.

Mercadillo de Smorgasburg

We also have the possibility to enjoy the Brooklyn Flea market, this one dedicated to the sale of furniture, vintage clothes, collectibles and antiques. Saturday is held alongside Smorgasburg in East River State Park and Sunday moves to the DUMBO neighborhood.

The Orchid Show

Every spring in New York, the New York Botanical Garden organizes an orchid show that is an explosion of color and a unique visual experience.

The Orchid Show

St. Patrick's Day Parade

Every March 17 the Irish celebrate the day of their patron saint and the rest of the inhabitants of the planet join them. In New York that same day, except if it falls sunday that is passed to Saturday, a large parade is held. Not in vain is one of the oldest festivities in the city, celebrated since 1762. The party goes beyond the parade, as everything is dyed green in the city, the clothes, the buildings and even the food and drink. That day the party in the street lasts until hours after the parade.

Desfile de San Patricio

Floral Show at Macy's

Macy's flower show has been held in major stores in New York, Chicago and San Francisco since 1946. This exhibition brings together about 500,000 visitors. The show is performed around a theme and, based on He, the spectacular creations are made with thousands of flowers from different places.

Espectáculo floral en Macy’s

Broadway Musicals

As we are still in low season, in New York in spring you have more ease to find cheap tickets and we can even find some 2x1 offers.

Musicales en Broadway

Greek Independence Day Parade

March 25 is Greek Independence Day. New York's Hellenic community organizes a parade down Fifth Avenue to showcase its culture in front of all visitors and New Yorkers attending the event.

Desfile del Día de la Independencia Griega

Armory Show

The Armory Show is one of the main art fairs in New York City and the ideal cultural destination to discover and collect the most important art of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Since its founding in 1994, it has served as a nexus for the art world, inspiring dialogue, discovery and patronage in the visual arts.

Armory Show

It was founded by four New York gallerists: Colin de Land, Pat Hearn, Matthew Marks and Paul Morris, who sought a platform to present and promote new voices in the visual arts.

New York International Children's Film Festival

International Children's Film Festival in New York. It was founded in 1997 to support the creation and dissemination of thoughtful, provocative and intelligent films for children and adolescents aged 3 to 18. We may be at the largest cinematic event for children and teenagers in North America. It fosters active and demanding vision, and stimulates debate among viewers, families and the film community.

New York International Children’s Film Festival

National Beer Day

April 7 is National Beer Day in the United States. For this day New York City is preparing to enjoy it in a big way. Plus, it's a special opportunity to discover Brooklyn's breweries and sample some of their local beers.

National Beer Day

New York International Auto Show

Featuring the latest automotive trends, the New York International Auto Show offers an incredible collection of cutting-edge design and extraordinary innovation.

Salón Internacional del Automóvil de Nueva York

More than four floors of exhibitions of car manufacturers from all over the world. They have the latest models and the most futuristic concept cars. Nearly 1,000 cars and trucks can be seen at North America's first and largest auto show, which has been held since 1900.  A great plan for spring in New York.

Festival Folk de Brooklyn

The Brooklyn Folk Festival strives to present the best of American and world folk music. Located in the heart of Brooklyn, the festival is a celebration of home music, cultural diversity and memory. Each year they present new talents from the thriving New York music scene, as well as from other national and international artists.

Festival Folk de Brooklyn

The festival is held annually and offers an opportunity for young people and adults to meet, enjoy music, workshops, film screenings, contests and improvisation sessions and be part of the vitality of the community that is formed around the festival.

Visit the High Line Park

The High Line park is a linear park of just over 2 kilometers that is located on an old elevated railway line. Based on a similar project in Paris, it was conceived as a green walkway along with a park.

Visita el High Line Park

Visit Luna Park

From the second week of April we can enjoy, on the beach of Coney Island, this mythical amusement park. Coney Island is home to the first roller coaster in New York, in 1884. It delighted thrill seekers and unleashed a madness that quickly spread around the world. A visit to this amusement park can make your trip to New York have a special touch because, who does not become a little child when they are in such a place?

Visitar Luna Park

Tribeca Film Festival

The Tribeca Film Festival originated in 2002 with film producer Jane Rosenthal and actor Robert De Niro. It arose as a response to the attacks of September 11, 2001, with the aim of recovering the loss of vitality suffered by this New York neighborhood of Lower Manhattan. The festival's mission is to "enable the international film community, and the general public, to experience the power of cinema by redefining the festival experience."

Festival de cine de Tribeca

Cherry Blossoms - Sakura Matsuri Festival at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Taking advantage of the cherry blossom season, the Brooklyn Botanical Garden holds the Sakura Matsuri festival. It celebrates not only this spectacle of nature but Japanese culture, where this tradition originates. A real enjoyment for the senses of spring in New York.

Floración de los cerezos - Festival Sakura Matsuri en el Jardín botánico de Brooklyn

Car Free Earth Day

The day without cars a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the streets of the Big Apple in all its amplitude. It is celebrated on the weekend before Earth Day (April 22). This event opens to the public 30 blocks of Broadway, from Times Square to Union Square, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Car Free Earth Day

Governors Island

This island is ideal to spend a different day in New York. Until 2022 it was only open during the months of good weather, from May 1 to October 31, but now it is open all year round. In it we can enjoy a lot of lawns, historic buildings and even art. We can get to Governors Island from a daily ferry that leaves Manhattan or from another that only leaves on weekends from Brooklyn.

Governors Island

Once on the island we can explore it on foot or rent a bicycle. There are several artistic installations for its meadows and also some constructions of its military past that can be visited. And although we are taking a break from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan, you can also enjoy magnificent views of the New York skyline.

Five Boro Bike Tour

Every first Sunday in May, 32,000 cyclists from all over the United States and dozens of countries around the world gather in New York for a 60-kilometer tour of the Big Apple.  As its name suggests, the tour passes through the five boroughs of New York. An event worth seeing or enjoying during a spring trip in New York.


The Manhattanhenge, or Solstice of Manhattan, is a phenomenon that takes place 2 times a year between the end of May and mid-July, in which the sun, at sunset time, aligns in an east-west direction with the streets of the urban layout completely illuminating all its streets. This prodigy can be contemplated two days in a row: in the first we can see the sun landing on the horizon in its entirety and the next day only half of the sun. On both occasions the sunset is spectacular.


There are several places where you can fully contemplate: Calle 14, Calle 23 or Calle 34. In the latter we can contemplate the beauty of the sunset with the architectural beauty of the Empire State. And as in any self-respecting New York event, those streets are put up, both citizens and tourists, so, if we want to melt the battery of the mobile taking photos of the sunset, we have to try to arrive half an hour before sunset.

9th Avenue Food Festival

This is the oldest and largest food festival in New York City. The organization is led by the Ninth Avenue Association, whose objective is to produce quality events and promotions that generate business for all participants and foster a strong sense of community.

9th Avenue Food Festival

Cinco de Mayo

On the fifth of May, Mexico's Independence Day is celebrated. On the occasion of this celebration, different activities are held throughout the Big Apple. Here are four that you can include in your trip to New York:

  • Party in the Bronx. In the Little Italy area you can enjoy this day with a party full of live music, artistic performances and raffles.
  • Mexican Festival in El Barrio. On 16th Street, between Third and Second Avenues, we find a festival full of activities, rhythm and color.
  • Enjoy the margarita cocktails. Taking advantage of the festivity, many bars and restaurants in the city make special offers for this drink.
  • Visit to the Museum of the City. On the occasion of this day, an event for the whole family is held in the museum where crafts are made to the sound of traditional Mexican music.
Cinco de mayo

Dance Parade

This is the largest dance event in New York City. The Parade and Festival take place in mid-May from 13:00 to 19:00. It had its first edition in 2006 and currently more than 10,000 members of the New York dance community come together to share their art and talent. The paradecallejero is 2.4 kilometers. It begins at 21st Street and Broadway and features more than 100 unique dance styles. Traditional and contemporary dance groups are mixed, from Africans to polkas and Indian dances.

Dance Parade

Fleet Week New York

Fleet Week is an annual event that, during a week in May in New York, vindicates the work of the Coast Guard, Navy and Armed Forces.

Fleet Week New York

New York City's first Fleet Week took place in 1892. Since then, the New York Passenger Ship Terminal, on the Hudson River, hosts the huge boats of these bodies for a week. The ships can be visited, even with a guide and you can also greet the soldiers and sailors, as well as see air shows and military demonstrations.

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a commemorative date that takes place in the United States of America on the last Monday in May each year. The reason is to remember the American soldiers who died in combat. Originally, the fallen soldiers in the American Civil War on the Union side were remembered. However, after World War I it was extended to any soldier of the United States who had died in any of the wars in which the country has participated.

Memorial Day

Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit

The weekend before Memorial Day and the following, the streets near Washington Square Park host artists and artisans from all over the New York metropolitan area, from the USA and also international artists. We can enjoy, in the spring in New York, an outdoor art exhibition that began back in 1931 by Jackson Pollock himself.

Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit

Shakespeare in the Park

One of the most deeply rooted and beloved contests of spring in New York. Since 1962, Shakespeare in the Park has paid tribute to the most universal playwright of all time, William Shakespeare.

Shakespeare in the Park

Performances take place at the Delacorte Theatre in Central Park. It is an open-air amphitheater, built in 1961 and with a backdrop worthy of a Midsummer Night's Dream: belvedere Castle and the turtle pond.

Holi Hai Indian Festival

Holi Hai is a Hindi phrase that translated means 'It's Holi!'. It is a festival that celebrates the arrival of spring, harvests, unity and joy. Holi has its origins in Hindu mythology and over the years has traditionally been celebrated every spring by throwing vibrantly colored powder (Holi Gulal) among attendees.

Festival Indio Holi Hai

In addition to color, this festival is full of sweets, food and dance. It is considered the most colorful party in Manhattan. We can also enjoy the music of the Dholis (drums), the Bhangra inviting families to participate in the dance.

NBA Basketball Games and Playoffs

The playoffs do not start until April, so during March we can enjoy a game of the New York Knicks or the Brooklyn Nets. Then, if the New York Knicks or Brooklyn Nets clinch a spot in the Finals, we may have a few more chances to watch a game.

Partidos y Playoffs de baloncesto de la NBA

Going to an NBA game during a trip to New York means immersing yourself in everyday New York, it's not just a game, it's not just a puppy, it's not just a stadium, it's not just a city. It's that it's the NBA, it's Madison Square Garden or Barclays Center, it's New York. It's that everything is spectacular: the place and the game, the people and the atmosphere. So much so that it matters little if you are not a basketball lover, because you will love this experience.

NHL Ice Hockey Games and Playoffs

From October to April, the American Ice Hockey League (NHL) takes place. The home teams are the New York Rangers and the New York Islanders. Once the league is over, a playoff called Stanley Cup begins. In addition to being considered the best ice hockey league in the world, it is one of the four major leagues in the United States. The other 3 are nba basketball, nfl football and MLB baseball.

The Rangers play at Madison Square Garden in Manhattan, as do the basketball Knicks. In turn, the Islanders competed at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, as do the Nets in the NBA. However, the Islanders have built a new pavilion, the UBS Arena, in the Queens district.

Partidos y Playoffs de hockey sobre hielo de la NHL

Currently the tickets are more expensive to see the Rangers, being a more historic team and range between 100 USD and 200 USD. Tickets for the Islanders can be obtained from 60 USD to 100 USD.

MLS soccer match

The league starts in March. The New York team is New York City FC. They play in the Bronx, at Yankee Stadium. It is a relatively recent sport in the United States, as the league it was created in 1996.

Partido de fútbol de la MLS

MLB Baseball Game

From April to October we have baseball games in New York. The New York Yankees and New York Mets are the city's local baseball teams. Although it is not a very popular sport in our country, there it is one of the main ones and the stadiums are almost always full, although sometimes there are several matches a week. The atmosphere is quite good and tickets range from 10 USD in the high areas to 500 USD in a VIP area. Another exceptional plan for our spring in New York.

Partido de béisbol de la MLB

And, of course, the year-round activities of Te Llevo a Nueva York

Our guided trips to New York involve a number of essential activities on your visit to New York. The price of the tickets to the activities is indicated in each of them, if this is not indicated it is a free activity.

  • Central Park. When you visit New York for the first time you have in mind a series of places in your head that you would not want to miss for nothing in the world. One of them is Central Park, the famous green lung of Manhattan so often seen in movies.
  • The Oculus. The World Trade Center complex, after the grisly attacks of September 11, 2001, has not only managed to rebuild itself but has become one of the main tourist destinations in the city.
  • Statue of Liberty. The Statue of Liberty is the greatest icon of New York City, symbol of progress, a mandatory stop on our trip to the Big Apple.
  • Excursion Contrasts of New York. If we are in the Big Apple and we only see Manhattan we will have a partial view of something that is much bigger.
  • Gospel Mass in Brooklyn. The neighborhood, the music, the staging, the fervor and the closeness of the parishioners make this religious service an overwhelming experience.
  • One World Observatory. Enjoy the incredible views of the island of Manhattan and the skyline of New York.
  • Lower Manhattan Tour: SOHO, Little Italy and Chinatown. This tour allows you to get to know in depth the neighborhoods of SOHO, Little Italy and Chinatown in a short time.
  • Wall Street. Known as the financial heart of the planet, Wall Street keeps among its streets historical treasures,

architectural, sculptural and spiritual.

Remember that on our trips you will be accompanied at all times by our bilingual guides, with whom you will meet at the same airport, before taking the flight to New York.

As there is still a lot left, we do not yet have any trips planned for the spring of 2023. If you want to go on a specific date or see an event that is already planned, make us your proposal:

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