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What to do
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New York in June 2023

We tell you everything we can do to live the experience as true New Yorkers in June 2023

New York in June, with its good weather, invites you to spend all your time out on the street. Refreshing soft drinks, ice cream and lots of activities are all on offer in the squares, the parks and on the outdoor terraces of the bars. Concerts, festivals, cinema and all kinds of events begin all over the city. So let's go and get an iced coffee and have a look at everything we can't afford to miss!

Weather in New York in June 2023

The weather in New York in June is perfect for spending all day out on the street as the temperatures are ideal for walking around the city. The average throughout the month ranges from a minimum of 18ºC to a maximum of 27ºC, although the mornings can be cooler than that and the afternoons warmer. Although it's almost summer, there are also a few rainy days in the month of June.

Friends in Central Park

What clothes to take to New York in June 2023

When the month of June arrives in New York, the city opens up to the street, the parks and the squares.Good weather with pleasant warm temperatures is the protagonist this month. Here you will find the essentials that can not be missing in any suitcase that travels in June to New York.

  • Light, cotton, loose and breathable clothing - short sleeved t-shirts, tops, shorts, skirts and short trousers are essential.
  • Comfortable and breathable footwear, ideally take two pairs. Comfortable walking or sports sandals which will stand up to lots of walking round the city plus some trainers or something similar.
  • Waterproof. Although it's almost summer and lovely and warm, there's always the chance of getting caught in a storm. In New York there is an average of 10 rainy days in the month of June.
  • Sunscreen is essential.
  • Cap, hat, visor or what you use to cover your head.
  • Sunglasses
  • A denim jacket, a light weight sweater or a cardigan for when it cools down. These will also come in handy for when you go into enclosed places as the air conditioning is always on full blast.

We are confident in our recommendations because our guides always travel with all the groups, so they have first-hand experience of what is really needed and used to make your trip a trouble free experience in the month of June in New York.

What to see and do in New York in June 2023

The mild June temperatures in New York encourage all New Yorkers to come out of their homes. Summer is in the air and heralds the beginning of concerts, festivals, cinema and all kinds of outdoor performances in New York City. There are so many super interesting events and we bring you a taste of what awaits you in New York in June 2023.

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New York in June 2023

Start of the summer festivals


Since 1986, one of New York City's largest performing arts festivals has been held and is one of the most anticipated too, since most performances are free. These shows are spread over 16 Big Apple parks and one of the most renowned venues is the Rumsey Playfield in Central Park.

Concerts, dance, theatre... the festival runs from late May to October. At all the events there are food and drinks stalls to keep your energy up while enjoying whichever show you have chosen to see.

The festival encompasses a wide selection of musical styles: from classical music to electronics to metal. It should be noted that it supports emerging talents and young artists, although there are also performances by well-known artists. There is usually an admission fee to attend these concerts, but the proceeds are usually earmarked for some charitable purpose.

Shakespeare in the Park

It is one of the most established and best-loved festivals of the New York summer and has been held since 1962. Beginning in late May and ending at the beginning of August, Shakespeare in the Park pays homage to the most universal playwright of all time, William Shakespeare.

Performances are free, so tickets are in high demand. They are made available to the public on the day of the performance via the following options.

  • Queuing at the box office. Queues start at 6am even though the ticket office doesn't open until 12 noon.
  • An online draw on the festival webpage between midnight and 11am on the day of the performance. At 12 midday they will tell you whether or not you have got the tickets (2 per person) and if you have, you have to go the Delacorte to pick them up between 5pm and 7.30pm. Make sure you get there on time because if at 7.30 you haven't collected your tickets you will lose your right to them.
  • A live draw at the Public Theater: Sign up before 11am and wait until 12 to see if it's your lucky day. If it is, you can collect your tickets at the Delacorte ticket office under the same conditions as in the online draw.

The setting where all the performances are held is at the Delacorte Theatre in Central Park. It is an outdoor amphitheatre, built in 1961 and with a backdrop worthy of A Midsummer Night's Dream; Belvedere Castle and Turtle Pond.

Belvedere Castle in Central Park

Opera in the park

Another of New York's most loved festivals, with free concerts of classical music, jazz, blues, gospel and opera in each of the Big Apple districts, Central Park and Bryant Park being just two of the stage-settings. The festival takes place in mid-June in New York and dates are yet to be confirmed.You can take your own food and drinks to this festival if you wish but there are also bars available.

In addition to this they have a gesture that we love - at each concert, the park in charge of the event provides picnic blankets to the public so they can enjoy the performance to the full in comfort.

Make Music New York

June 21st is the longest day of the year, the summer solstice and music day. What better way to celebrate than with 12 hours of music on the streets? There are free concerts throughout the city from 10am until 10pm with more than 1,000 artists performing in the streets, the parks, the squares and gardens of New York. It's exciting just to think of it!

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Enjoy a baseball game

One of the quintessential American sports and without doubt one of the star sports of New York City which has two great teams, the New York Yankees and the New York Mets. There is great rivalry between them and they both play in Major League Baseball, but they belong to different divisions.

Although the origins of this sport are not very clear, it is generally thought that the foundations of the current style of play emerged in New York along with the first organised baseball club in 1842, the New York Knickerbockers Base Ball Club.

The baseball league runs from early April to October, when we can watch both teams play in their respective stadiums. The Yankee Stadium is located in the Bronx and Citi Field, home of the Mets, is located in Queens. The playoffs are in October and the finals are played in early November.

If you've never been to a live game, you'll find the atmosphere is genuinely American - the solemnity of the anthem, the celebration and enthusiasm of the fans, the excitement of the game and of course plenty of restaurants where you can get burgers, hot dogs or pizza. Baseball games don't have a stipulated playing time, some can last until after midnight so as not to get too tired you can move around the stadium and follow the game from another angle or leave when you want. It is quite usual for spectators to leave without seeing the whole of the match.

The price of tickets varies depending on the location of the seats and how well you can see the game from them. The cheapest ones can be obtained from 10 dollars and there are several outlets where we can compare prices, but the MLB website is one of the reliable ones.

Puerto Rico Day Parade

On the second Sunday in June in New York the Puerto Rican Parade is celebrated in honor of all Puerto Rican nationals living in the United States. This parade has been held since 1958, originally in El Barrio, Spanish Harlem, and later moved with all its colour, music and pride to Fifth Avenue.

Puerto Rico Day Parade

This parade is one of the most lively in New York and also one of the most well-known, as many of the celebrities of Puerto Rican origin take part in it, such as Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez or Marc Anthony among others. More than 80,000 people get together showing the world their music, traditional costumes and delicious gastronomy. Puerto Rican born New Yorkers are aware of the cultural richness this entails, as this parade is as much a show of patriotic pride as a cultural symbol of New York.

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Mermaid Parade

The Mermaid Parade is one of the craziest and most quirky parades that take place in New York City and that is saying something. It is held on the Coney Island promenade, next to the amusement park and it welcomes summer with a mythical and mythological parade. Mermaids, sea gods, sea-themed floats, pirates and sea creatures all have a part to play in this fun festival.

The event takes place each year at the weekend closest to the summer solstice, so dates vary between June 17th and the 24th in New York. It has been held since 1983, and in recent years has established itself as one of the most important artistic parades in the United States. It involves up to 3,000 people who let their imagination and creativity run riot to create compositions as extravagant as they are beautiful where glitter, boldness and fantasy abound.

Admission is free if you go as a spectator and if you want you can dress up. Participants pay in accordance with how they're going to parade, it costs from $20 if they walk and up to $250 if they drive a truck with people giving it their all in the trailer.

The parade includes the coronation of King Neptune (Lou Reed himself was crowned in 2010) and the Mermaid Queen.

There's no holding back at the Mermaid Parade. It's a fabulous party where colour, music, fantasy, food and of course drink all shine. All this by the sea, a tempting invitation to a cooling dip in the middle of the afternoon.

What better way to start the summer?

Gay Pride Parade

In the early morning of June 28th 1969, a police raid was carried out in a pub frequented by gays, transvestites and lesbians in New York, the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village, but nothing went as planned. Known as the Stonewall riots, it turned into a spontaneous and violent rebellion against police action and is considered to be the catalyst for the LBGTQ movement in the United States and around the world. By December 1969, two gay activist organisations had been set up in New York and international gay and lesbian rights organisations were founded within a few years.

On June 28, 1970, the first Gay Pride demonstration took place in New York.

Today, gay pride is celebrated internationally. Activities are held in New York for a whole week, most of which take place in the city's most popular gay neighborhoods, West Village, Chelsea and East Village. There are films, art exhibitions, photography exhibitions and talks to remember that the fight continues and that homosexuality is punishable in more than 70 countries. The festivities intensify over the weekend when popular races, dance contests, monologues and concerts alternate. The most emblematic event is the parade in which more than 500 groups and a hundred floats participate, forming a never-ending procession full of fun along the 3 kilometre route, from Madison Square Park to the Village to honour the Stonewall Inn, then on to Seventh Avenue where the parade ends.

Gay Pride Parade

In 2019, New York's Gay Pride march turned 50 and more than 4 million people came together. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, a well-known LBGTQ rights advocate, said it was the biggest march in history, a march of love and struggle.

And, of course, the all-year-round activities from Take me to New York

Our guided trips to New York involve a number of not-to-be-missed activities on your visit to New York. The admission price to the activities is indicated on the tickets but if not it means it is a free activity.

  • Central Park. When you visit New York for the first time, you'll probably have an idea of a number of places you definitely want to see and visit. One of them is Central Park, Manhattan's famous expanse of green so often seen in movies.
  • The Oculus. The World Trade Center complex, after the horrific attacks of September 11th, 2001, has not only been reconstructured but has also become one of the city's top tourist destinations.
  • Statue of Liberty. The Statue of Liberty is the greatest icon in New York City, symbol of progress, a mandatory stop on our trip to the Big Apple.
  • New York Contrasts Tour. If you're in the Big Apple and only get to see Manhattan, you'll have had only a glimpse of something to see on a much grander scale.
  • Gospel Mass in Brooklyn. The neighbourhood, the music, the staging, the devotion and the closeness of the parishioners to each other make this religious ceremony an overwhelming experience.
  • One World Observatory. Enjoy the incredible views of Manhattan Island and the New York skyline.
  • Lower Manhattan Tour: SOHO, Little Italy and Chinatown. On this tour you to get to know and appreciate the neighbourhoods of SOHO, Little Italy and Chinatown in a relatively short time.
  • Wall Street. Known as the financial heart of the planet, Wall Street holds historical, architectural, sculptural and spiritual treasures within its streets.

Remember that on our trips you will be accompanied at all times by our expert guides, who you will meet at the airport, before taking the flight together to New York.

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